Get your social media game on point

A vibrant social media presence can do a number of things for law firms. It builds trust with the rapidly growing number of users who use social media to find or evaluate law firms when they’re in need of legal aid. Further, it provides new opportunities for cultivating your brand, connecting with your community, and generating SEO-friendly traffic to your website.

As we see it, attorneys have no business not having an active, effective social media presence in 2018. The cost is low, and the rewards can be quite significant (read: profitable). The best part? We can do it for you.

The Black Fin Social Media Marketing Advantage:

  • Engaging posts that drive traffic to your site
  • 24/7 monitoring of your firm’s social presence
  • Facebook ads tailored to your specific audience
  • Connecting you and your community directly through social media
  • 100% control of the conversation about your brand

Our Take on Social Media for Law Firms

To put it gently:

Most people don’t trust attorneys.

It’s just the truth.

For whatever reason (we’d prefer not to get into it), lawyers have picked up a negative cultural stigma that’s been hard to shake. Some might say they’re even less liked than marketers.

But still, attorney after attorney is bamboozled into spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising campaigns (TV ads and billboards, most notably) that come off as pushy, arrogant, and immensely out of touch with the consumer. It’s not that traditional advertising is always a waste. It’s just that it’s usually a waste. Particularly when you consider the fact that many of these same attorneys neglect new, exciting, and – most importantly – effective means of building trust with their clients and destroying the prejudice.

One of the greatest of those means being social media.

What Social Media Can Do

With more and more consumers searching for local services online, an active, tasteful social media presence not only helps “humanize” attorneys to their prospects, but makes them appear really effective and cutting-edge, too.

In today’s digitized world, consumers expect businesses to have social media profiles on essentially every channel available. However, not a lot of local service-based businesses actually do it well. Hence, law firms that have active – nay vibrant! – social media profiles will notably stand out to leads who search a little bit deeper online than your website (which is hopefully beautiful – if not, go here next). And because social media is inherently about sharing candid, personal information, you have the opportunity to establish a tremendous amount of trust with prospective clients through it.

But it’s not only a matter of building trust just by showing up and staying active – there are a slew of positive opportunities that come along with a vibrant social media presence, including:

  • Benefiting your SEO: By increasing traffic to your site through content sharing
  • Finding leads: By being more present in search results
  • Getting positive reviews: By giving past clients an easy way to review your services
  • Engaging with your community: By connecting with local organizations and charities
  • Establishing yourself as an authority in your field: By sharing thought-leadership content
  • Building and sustaining relationships: Stay top of mind with your audience so they remember you when they or someone they know needs a lawyer
  • Cultivating your brand: By showing the “human,” candid side of your business

These are a few of the reasons we think lawyers and social media were made for each other. It’s one of the best (and did we mention cost-efficient?) types of digital platform for building trust, and – well – if you’re an attorney, that’s a difficult thing to do with fresh leads. It just makes sense.

Are You Struggling to Get Your Social Media Presence up to Par?

We understand the roadblocks attorneys face when approaching social media. It can be overwhelming, and prone to procrastination and/or stagnation.

The platforms can be kind of difficult to get used to, and it can be hard – particularly when acting as a business – to know what to post, especially on a consistent basis. Particularly when you’re pressed for time.

Coming up with interesting, fresh bits of content on a daily (or even weekly) basis can quickly become exhausting, not to mention distracting from your actual work. That’s why so many attorneys burn out with social media and leave their profiles unattended. But that’s the worst thing you could do. Think of it as a ripped, deteriorated billboard. Not exactly accomplishing its goal.

We don’t want that for you.

The reason we expanded beyond SEO services at Black Fin a couple of years back is because we understood that only doing SEO limited our ability to impact the whole of our clients’ digital marketing success. They needed help with more than SEO, because more than SEO was becoming necessary to succeed. Besides, we got sick of giving away the work, and we knew we could do it better than the other guys.

Since, social media has become an integral part of Black Fin’s online success for our clients, and we now maintain dozens of social media profiles for our clients every day. We take great pride in helping attorneys grow their firms and adapt to the Digital Age, and we’d love to do the same for you and yours.

Social Media Services Built to Fit Any Firm’s Needs

Being that no two firms are alike, we aspire to meet every attorney’s individualized needs.


If you’re a startup, or have simply never gotten around to social media, we can help you hit the ground running by setting up Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.


If you have set up your social media accounts, but they’ve gone largely unattended, we can help you get them on track by posting fresh and interesting content on a consistent basis, ensuring that your account is not only active but vibrant.

Premium Management

And finally, if you’re an attorney who uses social media aggressively, but wants to be on the forefront of innovation and experimentation, we’d love to consult with you and show you where the action’s at.

Wherever you are in the process, and however much you’ve procrastinated, mismanaged, or ignored, we have a package that’s just right for you and your firm.

We’re ready to help your firm grow through social media — Are you?

Get On Board with Black Fin’s Social Media for Lawyers

If you’d like to discuss our law firm social media management service options, or get more details about our approach to building trust on social media, get in touch today. We’d love to hear your story.

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